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College Readiness

Briceño Soccer is proud to offer our players and thier families information on College Readiness.

Leading the program for our players and families is Luz O. Briceño-Moreno.  Luz is a full-time faculty counselor for College of Marin.

In the near future, Luz will be setting up seminars, college visits, and individual meetings with our players, parents and/or teams to assist them in accomplishing their educational aspirations.

Luz O. Briceño-Moreno.

Se habla español

Phone: 415-485-9666

Start Taking College Class Now-For Free!

High school students who are interested in a jumpstart on college level courses can enroll at no cost at the College of Marin through our Concurrent Enrollment Program. High school students gain valuable experience in their classes and earn college credit (most courses transfer to 4-year institutions, e.g., UC, CSU and private colleges) and meet Bachelor degree requirements. If you are interested in exploring different areas of study to help determine your college major, you can enroll in college courses to test your interests. A robust sequence of late afternoon classes is conveniently scheduled to provide opportunities for high school students. It is an efficient and strategic approach for college preparation, and can save you time and money in the long run.

If you are in high school there are several steps you need to take before enrolling in classes at COM.

Please talk with your school counselor and parents first to see if this is something that you have the time to commit to as this will start your PERMANENT college transcripts.

You will need to fill out the following form, with your signature, your counselor and your parents.

After this form has been filled out please contact me (Luz) to sign it as the College of Marin counselor so you can officially register starting Monday, January 17 2015.  This form will need to be turned in after I have signed it to the admissions office at our Kentfield or IVC campus.

If at any point you have any questions feel free to contact me. 415-485-9666 or